About Bay Shore Lyric Opera

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Mission Statement

The Bay Shore Lyric Opera Co. is a nonprofit organization in Saratoga, California. We primarily perform in the Santa Clara County and are dedicated to delivering the highest quality live opera productions with orchestra, staging, and costumes to family friendly venues that are both affordable and often times free for all ages. Our goal is to strengthen regional, cultural and artistic communities through live opera productions.

About the company

Founded in 1996 by a passionate group of musicians and music lovers, BSLO has produced 29 major operas, 239 total performances since its inception. We have had a total attendance of 65,000 and have earned an outstanding reputation as one of the best regional opera companies in Northern California whose reputation is to expose new opera patrons of all ages to opera in the most accessible and family friendly venues we can provide.

We strive to carry on the wonderful tradition of grand opera by presenting fully staged professional opera productions of the highest artistic quality in intimate and accessible locations.. Our desire is to make this rich and historic art form accessible to new audiences of all ages through education/outreach programs, and to continue to bring free fully produced opera productions to the parks for the Santa Clara County communities.

We provide opportunities for talented young performers to participate in professional productions that further their artistic careers as they perform along with professionals in live opera productions. BSLO and the cities in which we perform mutually benefit through our performances by stimulating tourism and business to the surrounding areas.

Board/Trustees/Key Staff

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Jennifer Studley, Executive Director, serving on the board in 2007
Liliane Cromer, Artistic Director, serving on the board since 2007
Papken Der Torossian, Chairman, serving on the board since 1996
Allan Lipkin, Music Advisor, serving on the board since 1996
Jill Fries, Marketing, serving on the board since 2012
Tom Bondi, Treasurer, serving on the board since 2007
Kristin Genis-Lund, Casting & Web Designer serving on the board since 2015